Our Missionaries: Elder Jones and Elder Riley

If you haven't met the missionaries or had them teach a lesson in your home, you might not know how effective they are at teaching the gospel. I recently asked the missionaries to come to my home to teach my young nephews, ages 7 and 10, who were visiting from California. I was pleased at how friendly they were with the boys and how they taught gospel principles through a variety of interesting, age-appropriate teaching methods.

The first lesson was about the restoration of the church and how the church is built upon prophets and apostles. The missionaries had 12 plastic cups that they gave to the boys to build a foundation, with each cup labeled with the name of one of the apostles. Then they stacked other cups on top of the foundation, each one labeled with a gospel principle. At the top of the cup-pyramid was the prophet and Jesus Christ. The cup-stacking activity kept the boys' attention and helped them to understand what the church is built upon.

Another lesson involved the Plan of Salvation. The missionaries brought 2 giant pieces of sidewalk chalk and we all went outside on the sport court. Elder Jones drew one step in the plan of salvation with one color of chalk, then a boy was given the other color of chalk to draw the same step. At the end of the lesson, we had 2 life-sized drawings of the Plan of Salvation on our sport court.

Another lesson involved learning the 4th Article of Faith, which was written on a frisby. The boys went outside and formed a circle (see picture). When a boy caught the frisby, he read the next word in the scripture. It took them 20 minutes of throwing the frisby to read the entire scripture, one word at a time, and then they tried it again and beat their original time. As a game prize, the missionaries gave each boy a card containing the Articles of Faith.

Having the missionaries teach the gospel to young boys in my home has been an interesting experience. They made friends with the boys. They used a variety of teaching methods to keep the boys' interest and help them learn gospel principles. They brought the Spirit. In these ways, the missionaries have been a blessing to my family. (- Traci Dysart)

Murphy Family

Say hello to Patrick, Rebekah, Chloe and Freddie. We have lived in our current home since 2001. Many of you will remember us from the old 7th Ward, although that was before the children. Patrick still works as a Transit Operator for King County METRO. He is also an e-Sports league Administrator in his spare time and has a passion for all things military. Rebekah has moved on from professional life to enjoy the calling of “Independent Domestic Logistics Coordinator” aka Mom and enjoys gardening and reading. She works hard helping Freddie and Chloe cope with life’s challenges. Chloe is our great-niece and we are actively pursuing her adoption. She turns 10 this month and is currently reading the Warrior books and watching the Beauty and The Beast movies. Freddie is 5 years old and has special needs. He loves watching Elmo, anything with good music, and wiggling. We apologize in advance for the noises he will bring to our sacrament meetings. Once you get to know him you will find he is a delightful young man who works hard to progress, despite his unique challenges.

Carter Family

Hello, we are the Carters. We have lived in Kent the last 10 years. Scott is a financial advisor and Cristie is a school teacher, but currently a stay-at-home mom with their last three: Christopher-6, Avery-3, and Jacob-3 (Yes, they are twins). We also claim 5 grown daughters, 2 son-in-laws and 3 grandchildren spread across the country. The Carters love outdoor activities centering on water and traveling whenever we can. Originally Scott is from California and Cristie is from New Mexico. We look forward to getting to know the Scenic Hill ward members and making new friends.

Connie and Doug Spaulding

Connie and I are looking forward to being part of the Scenic Hill Ward family. We lived in the Fairwood Ward for 30 years before moving into the Lake Meridian Ward in 2013. We have 3 grow children, Corrine, Todd and Carrie, 7 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Our daughters live in the area and our son is in Spanish Fork, UT. I recently retired and I’m trying to get a handle on this retirement thing! It seems everyone has an idea of how they can utilize my new found free time. We love to travel and are especially fond of cruising. Connie enjoys crocheting, stitchery and puzzles. I enjoy gardening, cooking and shooting (handguns).

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